Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a good thing it only cost $1.99...

I love my new iPhone. Finally I have a phone that's easy to use, synchronizes with my ACT! contact management system (thanks to Companion Link), has good speech recognition so I don't have to key in lots of data... In short, I am definitely a happy camper.

That doesn't mean, however, that all is hunky-dory. For example, the Apple Contacts feature works nicely, but doesn't have a search feature (Hello, Apple). Therefore, I have to tap those tiny letters to get to the section I want and then scroll frantically (I have over 6000 contacts in my address book: that might be another story, but I won't go into that here:).

Anyway, to get around this problem,  I bought Contact Find from the AppStore, thinking it would be the solution.

Wrong.  It loads exactly 786 of my contacts and then simply quits... not much utility there.  I sent a query to their tech support and after several days got a response back that I should reboot my iPhone and try it again.  I did that, but no dice - the same problem occurred.  Now my queries go unanswered so I have this useless app, since deleted.

Good thing it only cost $1.99...

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