Saturday, September 6, 2014

iPhone Photo Madness

Here's a neat little "trick" that'll cause some confusion and irritation... don't try this at home:
  1. With your iPhone locked, press the Home button to open the main screen
  2. Instead of swiping to unlock, just swipe up from the camera icon in the lower right corner to take a quick picture.
  3. Take your picture
  4. Forget that you're not unlocked
  5. Tap the camera roll icon
  6. Voila - your iPhone is now completely unresponsive... even the power off button does NOTHING!
Now I know we want to make sure that things are secure and all that, but the first time it happens I think; "Bug?" "Broken?" "!@#$%^&". Couldn't you have found a better way, Apple? Like:
  • Prompt for the passcode
  • Let me power off the iPhone to start over
  • Let the Home button take me back to the main screen and start over

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